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Mid Hinged Pole

Literature :-

Versatility is the key factor in the design of certain types of street or highway illumination. The hinged pole is one such variety. FIE HINGED POLE is the first and only tubular type of hinged pole designed as per IS 2713-1980 swaged pole standards with a hinge unit incorporated with a stainless steel rotating pin and a rotating device welded to the upper portion of the pole. A blocking system with pulling rope is provided at the base of pole and a suitably designed lantern carriage for mounting of flood lighting luminaires is fixed at the top. Rotation of the top section occurs by gravity, compensated by the weight of luminaires, on one hand, and by the hinged balance device, on the other hand. The operator controls the movement by means of the rope.

Applications :-

  • Road lighting
  • Sports lighting

Advantages :-

  1. Minimal working parts, no winches or ropes to maintain
  2. Suitable for mounting floodlighting and other equipment such as CCTV cameras.

Due to the ingenious hinged system in the column, it is an ideal solution in places that are hard to reach with mobile equipment.