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Octagonal Pole

Literature :-

FIE OCTAGONAL POLE is hot dip galvanized tapered pole structure having octagonal cross section through out. It can be used for illumination, power transmission & distribution and various other applications. In general, octagonal poles are hot dip galvanized after fabrication, internally and externally, in accordance with IS 2629/BSEN ISO 1461 or equivalent. FIE OCTAGONAL POLE is available from 3m to 12m with hot dip galvanized single & double arm bracket.


  • Petrol/Gas pump/station
  • Road lighting
  • Garden lighting

Advantages :-

  1. Ease of installation and maintenance free
  2. Sleek, aesthetically impressive and elegant
  3. Mechanically strong due to aerodynamic construction
  4. Ideal for corrosive atmosphere due to hot dip galvanizing, both internally and externally
  5. Galvanizing reduces the risk of corrosion and maintenance costs.
  6. Camouflaged junction box and electrical control gears
  7. Electrically safe with inside cable termination and earth connection
  8. Pilferage proof due to weatherproof flush door and locking facility

Material Specifications :-

The steel generally used to manufacture steel poles is as per BS EN 10025 grade S355 Jo or Fe 510 as per IS 226 IS 2062 & IS 5986, 2002 or equivalent.
Yield Strength Min 355 N/mm2
Tensile Strength 490-630 N/mm2
Standard dimensions of Octagonal poles are given in the table.